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    A+A by Ann Van Hoey

    Sometimes the pieces of a puzzle attract each other like magnets before falling into place as if they were always meant to. This is exactly what happened when ceramist and designer Ann Van Hoey toyed with the idea of setting up a social design project.

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    Niels Datema

    As a designer, Niels Datema relies on minimalistic design and simple lines combined with distinctive materials. He applies his work to the world of gastronomy, challenging himself to create unique and innovative products, and enhancing the experience of beautifully presented cuisine.

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    Cactus Vases

    The green cactus vases, which by now have practically become classics, will also keep charming the senses in 2017.


    The cheerful, quirky vases – crafted from traditional ceramics – add colour, texture and a touch of exoticism to any interior. 

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    Outdoor Furniture by Paola Navone

    A free, contemporary, joyful and gipsy way of life, a passion for friendly objects that immediately blend with any interior, and an instinct for turning everyday things into something new and special. These are the main ingredients for the inspiration behind Paola Navone’s Fish&Fish furniture collection for Serax.

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    Atelier & Home of Antonino Sciortino

    Timeless and stylish, centuries-old yet contemporary, cold though still warm, sturdy but still elegant. Have a look at the atelier of Antonino Sciortino.