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Ann Demeulemeester’s flagship store

Ann Demeulemeester, the brand that conquered the world in 1987 as part of the Antwerp Six, no longer focuses solely on fashion. In the Antwerp flagship store, in addition to the brand’s iconic clothing, it also offers furniture, lighting and tableware developed in collaboration with Belgium’s Serax.

The 520 square-meter flagship store is located opposite the Antwerp Museum of Fine Arts and is part of the city’s list of iconic places. In the nineteenth century, the beautiful building served as a maritime school and was redesigned in 1999 by Ann Demeulemeester and her husband, Patrick Robyn, as the epicentre of the brand. Fashion lovers from all countries still visit this shop as a place of pilgrimage.

In 2021, the space was renovated once again by Patrick Robyn. The result is stunning. From the moment you enter the store, you enter a parallel world. With its black parquet floor, white canvas walls, clean lines with an earthy edge, and a lush garden in the back, the serene architecture radiates the poetry of Ann Demeulemeester meticulously. 

Patrick Robyn and Ann Demeulemeester designed everything from furniture to lighting in this shop. Since 2019, the couple has focused on furniture and design developed in collaboration with Serax. In addition to the beautiful seating furniture and lamps, a large showcase exhibits the tableware, glassware, cutlery and all other objects from the Ann Demeulemeester-Serax collection. You can also view and purchase a piece of this wonderful world by discovering the Ann Demeulemeester collections below.