hospitality and serax

The hospitality industry and gastronomy have never been as popular as today. Modern hoteliers, chefs and restaurant owners offer the most innovative and experimental food and accommodation concepts. These memorable experiences require a new look at everything on and around the dining table. Serax believes it's their job to take great care of this. From refined table porcelain to earthy bowls, from minimalist designer chairs to playful eye-catchers: Serax designs with a heartfelt passion and meets the perfectionist chef's or hotelier's requirements. Proof of this is the many catering establishments worldwide that pamper their customers with the help of Serax's designs — starred restaurants included.

Cooperation with the hospitality industry goes beyond that. To make the good life even more prominent, Serax has established a community of designers, chefs, restaurant owners and hoteliers. Each member shares the same passion for creativity within their profession. Through various events and collaborations, Serax gives these creative talents a boost to maintain the innovative power of this sector because Serax believes in gastronomy and hospitality. They form the basis of an open culture full of surprise and wonder.

Get inspired by some of our exemplary projects:

Zaïa Restaurant - Milan, Italy

Le Pristine - Antwerp, Belgium

Kept West - Phnom Penh, Cambodia

central - lima, peru

Capella hotel - Hanoi, Vietnam

OKU hotels - Ibiza, Rhodes & El Gouna 

David Martin Braine - Braine-l'Alleud, Belgium

Kin Restaurant - Zürich, Switzerland

MOMU Café - Antwerp, Belgium

Proper Hotel - San Francisco, USA

The Merode, Private social club - Brussels, Belgium

Six Senses - INDIA

W Hotel - Rome, Italy

Girafe - Paris, France

Aira by Tommy Myllymäki - Stockholm, Sweden

Fiera - Antwerp, Belgium

Henry's Townhouse - London, UK

Casa Don Alfonso - Ritz-Carlton St Louis, USA

SIX senses - Ibiza, spain

Bagatelle - St Tropez, France

Petit Victor Hugo - Paris, France

Cheval Blanc St-Barth - Baie des Flamands, France

Serves on Terres de reves by Anita Le Grelle