The poetry of seating: Ann Demeulemeester’s furniture

In the Antwerp Fashion Museum, you can not only view the designs of Ann Demeulemeester but also try them. For the latter, it is not about clothing but about Ann Demeulemeester’s new passion: design.

Ann Demeulemeester is primarily known for her iconic fashion that took over the world in 1987, together with her life partner, Patrick Robyn. Since 2019, the creative couple has also translated the sensual, poetic and rebellious design language into objects for everyday use and furniture. This is done exclusively in collaboration with Serax.

It all started with tableware, glassware, cutlery and lighting. Following that, furniture was added last year. Some of those pieces can now be admired and tried in the Fashion Museum, which has bought several chairs and tables, in addition to a three-piece sofa for the entrance hall. The museum’s appearance is now complete: a Belgian fashion museum decorated with furniture by a Belgian fashion designer. 

It’s intriguing how meticulously Ann Demeulemeester and Patrick Robyn managed to add their signature to the furniture. The paradox of dark melancholy versus the energetic rebellion that forms the core of the clothing is also part of the DNA of every chair, table or sofa. These designer pieces prove how consistently and with integrity the couple designs. Over the decades, they have been able to create their own language. They now master that language like a seasoned poet.  

For the development of all their designs, they found a partner in the Belgian design brand Serax. Some of the pieces of furniture can be admired in the Fashion Museum, but it is also possible to bring a piece of Ann Demeulemeester’s poetic world into your home by discovering the collections below.